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Alumni (still under construction)


1991     Ofer Sneh "Dynamics of Metastable States in Supersonic Beams"

1996    Gil Markovich "Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Ion Solvation in Clusters"

1999    Israela Becker "Photoelectrons Spectroscopy Studies of Loosely Bound Electrons in Clusters"

2001    Eli Flexer  "Molecular Light Emission in Electron InelasticTunneling  in STM"

2004   Ram Busani  "Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Negatively Charged Mercury Clusters"

2009   Israel Wolf “Charge Transfer Studies by Photoelectron Spectroscopy and the Development of a New Spectroscopic Method                            Using Low Energy Photoelctrons”

2010    Yuri Vinshtein “Studies of Nanoparticles by Light Emitting STM”

2013    Zvi Ioffe " Raman Spectroscopy of Electrical Conductive Nano Structures"

2015    Denis Glozman “Study of light emission and electrical properties of nano materials in STM.”

2016    Omer Zang "Super Reolution Raman Microscopy in Semi Conducting Devices"

2018    Eitam Vinegrad “Characterization of nanostructures Using Optical Absorption”

2018-  Ranit Roy “Optical characterization of Nanostructures”

2019-  Dror Hershkovitz “ Ultrafast dynamic of nanostructures”



1986  Ofer Sneh "Dynamics of Excited Molecular  Energy  States  in  Supersonic Beam"

1990  DanielaDun- Kittehplon "Dynamics of Excited Triplet States of Pyrazine and Methyl- Pyrazine in Supersonic Beams".

1993  Israela Becker "Substituent Effects on the Dynamics of Triplet States".

1993  Eli Flexer "Light Emission in Tunneling Processes".

1996  Iris Shenaar  "Analysis of Light Emission from Scanning Tunneling Microscope".

1998  Marcike Folkers  "Direct Observation of Band-Gap Closure in Mercury Clusters" (Diploma)

1999  Eldad Palachy "Resolution Enhancement and Tip-Sample Distance Control in Near Field Optical Microscope by Using                        Modulation".

2003  Gil Bar-Haim"Probability Measurements of the Interband Transitions in Negative Mercury Clusters".

2004  Tal Margalit  “Light emitting Scanning Tunneling Microscope”

2007  Avi Shapira “Dissociation of complexes in polar solvent clusters”

2007  Zvi Ioffe “Raman Spectroscopy of molecular junctions”

2007  Denis Glosman “Study of Nanoparticles by Light Emitting STM”

2009  Efrat Pri-gal “Monitoring Nanoscale Molecular Junctions with Squeezable Electron Tunneling Junction”

2009  Diana Dermer-Novik “Enhanced Raman Scattering Induced by Silver Nanoparticles in a Tunable Nano-Cavity”

2011  Omer Tzang "Detection of Micro Calcification in Tissue by Raman Spectroscopy"

2012  Doron Azoury "Super Resolution Label Free Imaging Based on Stimulated Raman Scattering"

2012  Koby Kfir "Characterization of Graphene Devices by Raman Spectroscopy"

2012  Omer Wagner "Multiple Beam Scanning STED Microscopy"

2012  Eitam Vinegrad "Thermoelectric Measurements of Bi Nanoparticles Using Thermovoltage STM"

2018  Dror Hershkovitz “The Use of Non-linear Process for Label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy”

2023  Guy Pais “In search of direct Band Gap Silicon-based Nanowires”

2023  Aviv Swartz "Characterization of defect states in WSe2 via voltage gating and hysteresis curves in photoluminescence."

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